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Vertibelle Creations Ltd. in Toronto is known for unique window coverings like our hand-painted artistic blinds. We can paint everything from beach scenery, floral designs, and wildlife to abstract art and corporate logos. Our artists can also depict religious imagery and stained glass styles to fit your place of worship’s décor. Visit our galleries to see examples of our artistic blinds:


Add a unique touch of colour and personality to your home or office with hand-painted window blinds by Vertibelle Creations Ltd.

We’re a Toronto-based company offering one of a kind looks for window blinds, shutters, Plexiglas, and other window treatments with artistically painted:


OH, MY GOODNESS!!! words cannot express the joy that we both feel. These blinds turned out exactly the way we envisioned them and even better!!
Thank you thank you thank you thank you SO much. You Dencell and your team are truly a blessing.
Thanks again.   Keesha

Personalize Your windows with Artistic Hand Painted Blinds

Get Artistic Blinds in Your Home or Business